Bob Van Haaren (DJ Peace)

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Bob Van Haaren AKA D.J. Peace

Operations Manager/On Air Talent

Twin Lakes Radio



I have lived most of all my life in Mountain Home where I was born “Back in The Day”! I started DJing at TLYO Teen dances at the fair grounds when I was 12. Took my first shot at Radio in the early 90’s on KPFM Country 105.5 running the boards from midnight to 6AM (I think they called me Buffalo Bob)! I have been in and out of radio but mostly focused on being a Mobile DJ till 2007 when I got the radio bug again had a morning show on a local station for a bit….. Turn forward the clock to April 14th 2008 which finds me back where I started in radio but at the sister station to KPFM KKTZ HIT 93.5... Then on AUGUST 8, 2014 we moved frequencies to 100,000 Watt….. KKTZ HIT 107.5 where you find me now weekday mornings WAKING YOU UP ON THE BAXTER HEALTH BIG MORNING SHOW from 6AM to 9AM!

Hobbies: Training in the Gym at C12 Athletics, Wally Ball, Scuba Diving, Paintball, I also enjoy gaming when I can XBOX Series X is My Console of choice (even though I have all my older systems still.), Cooking, Traveling with my wife Liz. Favorite Places to go: #CrusingCarnival, Cancun Mexico, Florida, Las Vegas, Concerts, just about anywhere Out of Town!

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Favorite Foods: I like lots of different foods…Baked, Fried, Barbecued, Italian, Mexican, Cajun, American, Chinese, Thai and Most any Buffet, just no olives, jalapeños, or sardines.

Favorite quote: Catch ya on the FLIP SIDE…… PEACE! & WHOSUDJ!

Favorite Artists/Bands/Music: I was raised listening to all kinds of music. Rock/Classic Rock/Funk every thing from Abba, CCR, J Geils Band, Led Zeppelin, Funkadelics, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top. Now I listen to just about every thing you name it. TOP 40/ROCK/Metal/Classic Rock/Hip Hop/ R&B/Blues and more!

When I’m not working at Hit 107.5 KKTZ, I can be found DJing for my Mobile DJ Service Peace Productions Mobile DJ Service


Mentoring CAB students at Mountain Home High School since 2013.

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Part of the Tech Team at Real Life Church RLCLIVE.COM! 

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I also enjoy working with Area Youth! Founding board member of Ozark Football Association which for four years I was a 5-6 grade team sponsor. Owner of  the Arkansas Tornados Semi-Pro Football Team.

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In the car line at school, on your way to work or just chilling at your crib, moving you in the morning - it's Bob Van Haaren waking you up Weekday Mornings from 6AM to 9AM! Hit 107.5 KKTZ can not be held responsible for the wake up tactics of DJ Peace. You get what you pay for and we used a coupon.
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